Using creative tools with communities

As the HEREWEAR project has researched and tested the creative tools, methods, and technologies for local, circular and biobased textiles, it has in parallel reached out to connect and interact with stakeholders in a range of settings across Europe to explore how these elements can come together in concrete scenarios of practice.

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One of the unique features of HEREWEAR was that alongside the development of technical demonstration and guidance, we aimed to build a stakeholder community. The HEREWEAR community comes together around the values of bio-based, local and circular, to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable textile and clothing industry. 

We actively sought communities who were at different stages of their journey of transition to bio-based local and circular textile economies, and each had a different areas of focus and characteristics. We then tested the creative tools, technologies and methods with these communities to find out if they are useful, how they are useful, and how they can be improved, and combined to support and engage. 

A set of case studies has been developed on the basis of this series of workshops, with thematics and approaches varying according to the social, economic, cultural and environmental features of the hosting community.

Where? When? Community Creative Tools
San Leucio, Italy April 2022 Design researchers, farmers, local action groups and policy makers exploring textile biorefinery value chains Ecosystem mapping;
Garment Scenarios
Antwerp, Belgium Jun 2022 and March 2024 Designers, social entrepreneurs, upcyclers and the city / region government bodies, exploring biobased waste and defining local circularities Material collection; Garment scenarios; Appreciative Inquiry
Arles, France November 2022 Design researchers, farmers, research centres and entrepreneurs exploring the bioregion model and its potential for the textile sector. Ecosystem mapping; Bioregion model
Iași, Romania May 2022 and November 2023 Crossing the silos between communities of practice for the bioeconomy and sustainable textiles. Material collection; Garment scenarios; Bioregion model
Bridport, UK March 2024 Farmers, design researchers, entrepreneurs, makers and civil society, engaging into usage of local resources Story-making for Local Making
London, UK February 2024 Clothing brands and design researchers exploring circular, bio-based and local garment design BioTEN, Garment Scenarios, Material Collection


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