BURRR Workshop

BIO / USE / REUSE / REPAIR / RECYCLE  is an interactive session for designers to take part in with users and makers, which encourages explorations and learning about bio-based materials and garment design 

The BURRR workshop is meant for exploring and interacting with new and emerging bio-based textiles and analysing the viability of the already existing bio-based materials. It aims to draw insights on the topic of biobased, circular and local design through the perspective of users and makers. 

The BURRR format was developed byHEREWEAR partner MAIBINE in Iasi as part of community activation work and later tested further with students in London and Paris.

This workshop is based on conversation around products and materials and does not require any printed worksheets. Click on the button at the top of the page to download the facilitation guide.

You will need:

  • A group of fashion stakeholders, designers and users of clothing (no more than 6 people per group)
  • A biobased garment brought by each participant
  • Fabrics or materials that the participants use in their design work (optional)

People to follow

Mai bine
With a master degree in Slow Fashion, held at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iasi and an 8 years working experience in the garment sector, I...
Mai Bine
Project Manager at Mai Bine