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Materia MX is an award-winning software platform which allows brands to effectively manage their surplus textiles and make them available for others to use.

Achieving a circular ecosystem for textiles requires not only addressing what is done with garments after use, but also the huge quantities of textiles made surplus throughout the production process. These materials represent an enormous opportunity for feeding local, bio-based, and circular textile ecosystems with quality resources that would otherwise go to waste. 

In this section you can find out about Materia MX, an award-winning software platform which allows brands to effectively manage their surplus textiles and make them available for others to use. 

What is Materia MX?

Materia MX is an award-winning material exchange platform developed by Queen of Raw which, along with their subject expertise, enables them to support brands globally to be more efficient with inventory management. Materia MX allows brands to engage in their ecosystem, including all supply chain stakeholders from designers all the way to factories and manufacturers. The software enables brands to take action on their excess inventory with full logistics management to drive the process, and meet the industry’s regulatory changes, sustainable development goals, and growing interest in reuse, resale, and recycling of materials and overstock products.

What does Material MX do?

Material MX is designed with easy to use dashboards and tools to monitor and achieve success, and is already used by a variety of Fortune 500 companies. For example, by leveraging Materia MX’s automated processes and algorithms, Ralph Lauren was able to quickly and easily centralize its end-of-life materials and take action.  As a result, Ralph Lauren rescued 11.8 metric tons of end-of-life materials globally with 92% diverted from landfill and incineration.  All records, certificates, insurance, and proof are accessible and stored in the company’s private portal in Materia MX.

How does Material MX work?

Material MX has several important features for measuring and reporting a brand’s progress. For each product on Materia MX’s materials exchange, the software calculates the water, chemicals, carbon emissions, waste, and dollars saved by keeping it in circulation.  Everything is measured and reported in accordance with science-based standards and Materia MX’s algorithms and scoring methodology, developed with the support of MIT Solve.  

In partnership with global management software provider SAP, including in Europe, Materia MX integrates directly into a brand’s enterprise resource planning and inventory management systems.  As soon as materials are flagged as liabilities, they are automatically pulled into Materia MX.  And as materials are bought, sold, and reused through Materia MX’s materials exchange, those changes get synced back to a company’s enterprise resource planning and inventory management systems.  

This allows brands to have more efficiency, accuracy, and automation in the reconciliation of inventory and liabilities data to achieve more financial and sustainability benefits.

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