Yun-Hsuan Chang is an early-career textile artist who graduated from the University of the Arts London - Chelsea College of Arts in 2019. Besides her artist career, Yun-Hsuan has 5+ years of professional experience across fashion craft production, e-commerce, architecture/interior design and graphic design sectors. Yun-Hsuan’s multi-disciplinary background allows her to break the boundaries of different subjects and open up new possibilities. Yun-Hsuan is skilled in woven textiles and surface patterns with a keen interest in colour stories and tactility. Often inspired by architecture and natural landscapes, Yun-Hsuan is particularly interested in looking at the relationship between people and the environment. She aims to create sensible designs that celebrate the value of craftsmanship and support sustainable processes. Yun-Hsuan’s work is documentation and reinterpretation of people’s memory and emotional attachment to their surroundings and belongings. By pushing the boundaries of hand weaving skills and exploring the possibilities of yarns and structures, Yun-Hsuan creates innovative woven textiles that use intimate visual language to carry messages and tell unique stories.

Textile Artist