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You and the Herewear Community

Note: You can find definitions for some of the technical terms used here in the HEREWEAR Glossary.

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Priorities for the textile industry

The Herewear project is part of a greater momentum in the fashion industry aiming to revitalise the sector and its role in the European economy, while re-structuring production towards more circular and sustainable practices. In this first question, we'd like to get your opinion on which issues are the most important to address in this context.
1. Please rank the following issues from most important to least important. Weight
The need to reduce production costs.
The need to move away from fossil-based materials.
The need to increase efficiency of energy, chemical and materials consumption.
The need to transition towards a circular economy.
The need to more flexibly respond to consumer needs.

Herewear Lines of Action

The Herewear project's operational objectives include carrying out applied research, innovation, and community building activities, all contributing towards its goal of enabling local, circular and bio-based textiles. We'd like to know which of the specific actions are of the greatest interest to you.
2. Please rank the following Herewear actions from the greatest to the least interest to you. Weight
Build local production networks.
Develop bio-based fibres and textiles.
Demonstrate the benefits of digitalisation in the sector.
Define guidelines for reducing microfibre release.
Build a business ecosystem for bio-based fashion.
Develop guidelines for a circular fashion design.

Herewear Community Services

The Herewear community of interested stakeholders aims to drive bio-based innovation processes through a series of community services the project will gradually make available over its four-year lifespan. We'd like to know which of the services among the following examples you think could be most relevant to your participation.
3. Please rank the following Herewear community services from greatest to least interest to you. Weight
Use matchmaking services connecting designer and brands with textile and garment producers.
Earn accreditation / certification for sustainable practices and circular products.
Access information about bio-based textiles, circular design, and sustainable practices.
Build / participate in / contribute to a local production network in my area.
Participate in collaborative projects to test the business potential for bio-fashion.