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Jaap van Hal

Jaap W. van Hal, Ph.D. coordinates the biorefinery research in BCT unit at TNO. He has coordinated the "Seaweed Biorefinery" national research project, and led the CATCHBIO project "Branched alcohols from (bio) alcohols via the gas phase Guerbet reaction". His research interests are the biomass fractionation, catalytic conversion of biomass (fractions) to renewable (bulk) chemicals. An example thereof is the catalytic oxidation of organosolv lignins in the FP7 "BIOCORE" project. Jaap was the project executive of the H2020 project MacroFuels, and is the project executive of the JU BIC project UNRAVEL and a WP leader in the JU BIC project MacroCascade. He is also involved in the H2020 projects Herewear and HigFly.

Prior to joining TNO in 2008, he has worked in the U.S. at SABIC Americas. Projects comprised the selective (ep)oxidation, catalytic epoxide hydrations and metathesis. Jaap obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from Rice University in organometallic chemistry. His undergraduate degree from Leiden in chemistry is in coordination chemistry. Jaap has co-authored about twenty peer-reviewed papers and has about ten patent applications.

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