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Athanase Contargyris

Identity: French and Greek, economist, living in Le Mans, Paris, Athens and Egina island, Founding Partner and President of CEDECS-TCBL SAS (FR) and DIALOGOS LTD (GR).

Background: Master of Science - MS - in Business Administration and Management -HEC Paris- and Licence in (Public) Law -University of Sceaux FR

Specialties: Technical & Social Innovation Capacities Development & Management, Regional Policies, R&D in Textile & Clothing
Focus: services to SMEs, support of start-ups, localisation of information services, cultural adaptation & elearning.

Participation in several European Commission R&D projects since 1989 (proposal conception and writing, contract negotiation, technical management, project implementation in Greece, in France and Cyprus)

Current projects
WINTEX: Weaving innovation among academia and industry in the Tunisian textile sector
HEREWEAR: Developing a holistic market-building approach in the EU for locally produced textiles made from locally bio-sourced materials
SHEMAKES: Developing ecosystems to increase the leadership of young girls and women in textile innovation
CREATIVEWEAR Plus: Extend the network of Creative Hubs in the MED space;  involve creatives to help T&C actors to face the new challenges of the Circular Economy with bio-based textiles and upcycled clothing by valorising cultural heritage and traditional know-how.

INVENT:  Promotion of Innovation Culture in the Higher Education in Jordan
TALIA: Built and developed the Social & Creative community of the Interreg MED Programme
Creative Wear: supporting cooperation between creatives and cultural actors and T&C enterprises in MED area
TCBL: An EU Network of Textile and Clothing Business Labs (H2020)

NETKITE: Coaching the business ideas of young students from Middle East
CreativeMED: Defining a MED innovation model
TEXMEDIN: Networking of Museums, T&C businesses, Local Authorities and Young Designers
SMILIES: 100 pilots for developing new production activities in MED islands
PASSAGE: Platform & Methodology for preserving know-how in T&C
LEAPFROG CA: Virtual & Collaborative Design, Engineering & Prototyping.
WebTEXpert: multilingual e-learning for T&C.
Leapfrog IP project :A R&D Roadmap for Clothing Industry.
PRO-CRISIS: Review of Best Crisis Management Practices in EU T&C Clusters.
CLEVERTEX: A R&D Roadmap on Smart Textiles

Founding partner and President
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