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Anna Kudron

I am working together with Lebenskleidung, a wholesaler (based in Berlin) for sustainable fabrics made of a variety of fibres like organic cotton, organic wool, organic linen, organic hemp, sustainably made Viscose like Tencel™ or Refibra™. The production, dyeing and finishing of the fabrics is carried out according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in its version 6.0. I am doing a research regarding innovative and natural dyeing techniques, which means for us to dye and colorize our raw materials with available solutions (either in-house or outhouse).

Thanks to Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt (DBU) I am working on this research from September 2022. I am dedicated to innovative, environmentally friendly textile dyeing and colour production processes and their efficient integration into creative and fashion design methods, and in addition to that supporting social inclusion about those new techniques. We would like to find sustainable and innovative solutions, and based on that building up new business connections. Besides that, because these ways are quite new, I would like to have further outcomes to spread the information about these new solutions: articles, research paper, conference presentations, “tool box” workshops for designers.


Designer, Entrepreneur, Researcher
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