Appreciative Inquiry

The established method of Appreciative Inquiry was adopted to engage the HEREWEAR community and help us to discover the strengths and possibilities that reside in local people and places.

Appreciative Inquiry is a 5-step discursive method based on the foundational work of organisational behaviour scientists David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva. Adopting Appreciative inquiry actvates development, positive change and collective learning, involving an energizing and inclusive process that fosters creativity through the art of positive inquiry. It builds new skills in individuals and groups, develops new leaders, encourages a culture of inquiry, and helps create shared vision and purpose by building on an organization’s core values and strengths. Appreciative Inquiry is an approach which draws from positive psychology and storytelling, to create an “alignment of strengths” that render weaknesses irrelevant hence empowering individuals and facilitating the resolution of given problems to enact desired change.

In HEREWEAR we used a 4-step adapted process. The worksheet and presentation can be downloaded using the button at the top of the page

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